Becky’s Story: I Lost 5 Minutes On My 5K Time!

Becky joined Reading Boot Camps run club to get herself into running and to get herself into a regular exercise routine. Doing this with a group that would motivate her was what she was looking for.

Throughout the 6 weeks, Becky attended every Tuesday night run club and took part in Reading Parkrun most Saturdays.

Becky showed progress each week, her technique was getting better and she was looking faster and stronger.  She attended a couple of Boot Camp sessions to help strengthen her core and the power in her legs. This helped her overall strength leading to her increasing her speed.

After the 6 weeks Becky’s Parkrun time went from 37min 04sec to 31min 44sec. Taking off an impressive 5 Minutes 06 Seconds in 6 weeks!

Becky has continued with Reading Boot Camps Run Club and attends every Tuesday continuing to improve on her running, improve on her fitness and workout with a friendly and motivational group of ladies.

This is what Becky had to say:

“Having lost over 2 stone through diet and lifestyle changes over the last 18 months I was now keen to improve my fitness, without any clear plan of how to go about this.

I decided running would work for me as it was quick and would be easy to fit in around my full time job and many commitments. I was still thinking about getting started when I came across Jemma’s advert for a free 6 week programme to improve my ParkRun time (or set one).

This seemed perfect as I knew that committing to the sessions would ensure I actually got out there.

At my first ParkRun my time was 37:04 and by the end of the programme I had a new personal best of 31:44. This was a significant improvement for me.

I have now signed up to continuing the weekly running club and have set my next goal as running a 10k event in the next few months.”


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