Jayne’s Story: I lost 4 Stone In 18 Months!

Jayne started Reading Boot Camps in May 2015 and is now one of our longest serving members.

Jayne joined for two main reasons, she was struggling with Multiple Sclerosis which was affecting her everyday life and to lose weight to be fitter and feel better about herself.

When Jayne first joined she found it difficult to run and couldn’t run for too long without being out of breath and would become unsteady on her feet.

Jayne started to show progress quickly, she was getting stronger and fitter every month. She was attending 3 boot camp sessions a week and following our “Boot Camp bible” which offered her the guidance and support that she needed to go alongside the exercise.

Reading Boot Camps then started a Run Club on Tuesday nights which Jayne started to attend every Tuesday! She now says she loves it! She can now run which she thought she would never be able to do! She has been a fantastic inspiration to the other Boot Campers and has shown what exercise and healthy food can do together with a side of determination!

Jayne has now lost over 4 stone and is so much stronger mentally and physically which has helped her enormously with her Multiple Sclerosis.  She has now also attended the Race For Life event twice with Reading Boot Camps, running and walking the first year and running all the way round the second year.

She has also taken part in the 5k Run for Chocolate event with the Boot Camp and has signed up to take part in this event with us again next year.
I am incredibly proud to be able to work with Jayne and to be a part of her amazing journey and to know that Reading Boot Camps has had a part to play in her amazing 4 stone weight loss!

Recently Jayne climbed Ben Nevis with her husband.


Jayne said:Friday 5th October at 8.06am myself and Steve (husband) started our trek up Ben Nevis. Completely prepared for every eventuality. On the way up I knew how much my fitness had improved, finding the up stage relatively comfortable.

We completed the up stage with much satisfaction and achievement in 5 hours! So now we have to get back down, boy was that hard, so difficult for me, on the start of the descent, I slipped down gravel, got up and slipped again! So we are making our way down, slowly, I’m in absolute agony as the MS takes hold, my whole body aching, here begins the melt down I couldn’t go any further… or so I thought….after a lovely couple stopped and assisted, and I gave myself a good talking to (and some pain killers) we set off again…. even slower, but hey it’s only 2 miles to go… from the start of the descent to the bottom.. 7.30pm 6.5 hours! 11.5 in total.

We did it! I did it!! I got to the car and cried with relief!

Wow what an achievement. 2 major things helped me do this , Steve (my rock) and Jemma, Reading 5 star Bootcamp’s. The encouragement from Jemma on all the sessions got me into the shape I am now!

Well done Jayne we are all so proud of you here at Reading Boot Camps!


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