Reading Parkrun Review

If you run regularly then you will almost certainly have heard of the Parkrun – a 5k run in a local park with numerous locations across the UK. If you haven’t then this blog posting is for you about why you could start your Saturday mornings with a parkrun in Reading.

The Parkrun is one of those rare things – a free event. It is solely run by volunteers and all you need to do is register on the Reading Parkrun website and print off your personalised barcode – keep it safe you will need it to record your time.

If you’re thinking you’re not good enough to be in a race, don’t worry, it isn’t a race. The Parkrun has an excellent atmosphere with a wide range of abilities and ages. As the course is the same each week it is an brilliant way to assess your current fitness levels, test your trainings effectiveness or use it is motivation as part of your training plan. The Parkrun has made running more enjoyable for non-runners and therefore will lead to improved health benefits over time but immediate mental benefits.

The Reading Parkrun is located in Thames Valley Park at the end of the A329M and begins at 9am. The course begins with a long straight along the Thames Towpath with the picturesque Thames River providing the backdrop. It continues with two laps on a flat gravel footpath around a lovely nature reserve and meadow before finishing with a dash to the finish where you started. Don’t forget to get your barcode scanned – this will record your time.

If you are nervous to go along for your first time you can join myself and the ladies from Reading Bootcamps. We always wear our Reading Boot Camp T-Shirts so you can spot us. If you would like to meet us all first you can contact me on 07732 437 668 or contact through my Facebook page.

So whether you are training for an event or just want to shed some unwanted pounds the Reading Parkrun is an excellent way to get started in running whether you have never run before or if you are returning after an absence.

Don’t let that hangover stop you and get down to Thames Valley Park on Saturday Mornings at 9am.


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